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BY JO accessories

BY JO offers a range of accessories to showcase the works of artists printed on fabric and add a twist to your outfits. The entire range is sewn in the Parisian workshop Boivin, specializied in the making of accessories.

Responsible viscose accessories ...

The works of the artists are printed on viscose.

The scarf

The scarf is a work of art in its own right. The painting is reproduced on the fabric, the colors are preserved as much as possible during printing in order to be faithful to the work of the artists. The scarf is hand rolled in Paris. Rolling, the most delicate hemming technique, means that the edge of the scarf is hand rolled and sewn stitch by stitch.

The seven-fold tie

The 7-fold tie is an exceptional tie. It requires special know-how which is becoming increasingly scarce. The Boivin workshop is one of the last workshops to master this know-how. On the surface, the 7-fold tie looks just like a regular tie, but the term "7-fold" reflects fine craftsmanship. Indeed, the fabric is folded seven times on itself to provide thickness and firmeness to the product. This tailoring technique requires twice as much time and fabric but eliminates the need for interior textile reinforcements, of animal or synthetic origin which can be found in current ties.


The small ribbon is cut out by hand in one part of the printed square of the work. Each ribbon represents a fragment of the painting by Mynah or Léna. The long ribbon is hand-cut in part of the pattern inspired by Quetzilla's artwork. Each ribbon is unique because the pattern is different each time. Wear these ribbons as you wish: on the wrist, around the neck, around the head ...

... and bi-material accessories

These accessories are in viscose printed and linen, plain or printed.

The scrunchie

Carefully cut by hand in our fabric scraps in order to revalorize the material, this favorite with bright colors scrunchie brings a touch of originality to your hairstyles and outfits.

The obi belt

It is bi-material and offers multiple possibilities to be worn. It brings a touch of color and originality to an outfit. It highlights the waist.

Traditionally, the obi belt is worn with traditional Japanese clothes. Today it is worn mainly with yukatas, light summer kimonos.

The bow tie

The BY JO bow tie is pre-tied and adjustable thanks to a straps at the back. It is bi-material, the front fabric is in printed viscose and the back fabric is in linen.

This is not silk

Although based in Lyon, where silk is a centuries-old tradition, we have chosen to only use innovative materials of plant origin, in order to offer ethical and eco-responsible collections in line with our values. 

We have selected an ecological viscose which offers softness and shine comparable to those of silk, while being more responsible.

The making of our products remains traditional, it is made in France.

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