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The suit BY JO

A colorful suit with noble materials and careful finishes.
The bold piece to add to your wardrobe.

Well thought-out outfits

The collections present different models of jackets and pants to choose from depending on your body type. The parts can be assembled or mismatched depending on your style and your desires. They are made in a Lyon workshop in the city center.

Neat finishes

The finishes of our products are both aesthetic and practical.

» Piped pockets with tie-off stitches which reinforce the ends of the pockets

" A lining at the waist of the pants, finished with the installation of a angle for a perfect finish

Details that make the difference

These details are designed to enhance the room and make it very comfortable.

» Large Italian pockets at the level of the pants, to be able to slip your hand or your phone there

» Printed fabrics representing the work of an artist for a resolutely modern and colorful product

» Wooden buttons engraved BY JO

THE A Jacket
Saxifrages Collection

Our natural materials


Linen has many qualities. Symbol of elegance, it is resistant, absorbent, and sustainable. As a thermoregulator, it is ideal all year round. In summer, it is comfortable to wear and brings freshness. In winter, it retains heat. The cultivation of linen is respectful of nature as it requires very little water and no pesticides. It grows locally, mainly in the north of France and in Belgium.

It is used to make our jackets and pants and our bi-material accessories. We use certified linen Master of Linen.

Organic cotton

It combines comfort, flexibility and softness. He is grown without pesticides, insecticides or chemical fertilizers which are toxic to living things and pollute the environment. Its culture is therefore more ethical and more environmentally friendly than its conventionally grown counterpart.

It was selected to make the shoulder pads, which are usually made of polyester. BY JO shoulder pads are custom-made in 100% organic cotton: sewing thread, wadding and outer fabric. We use certified cotton GOTS.

Olive wood

Renowned for its durability and robustness, olive wood, cultivated in Italy, was chosen for the buttons.

The color of the wood and the veins being specific to each tree, each button is unique and is engraved with the brand logo.

Our innovative materials

Eco Vero viscose

Made from wood cellulose, this soft, silky and shiny material constitutes a perfect ethical alternative to silk. Cellulose comes from sustainably managed, certified forests FSC.

Viscose is used for tailors' linings and accessoiries.


Made from cellulose from cotton waste, this soft, fluid and satiny material also constitutes a perfect ethical alternative to silk. It is manufactured in a closed circuit thus ensuring a clean and controlled process.

Cupro is used for linings of printed suits. He is certified RCS.

Recycled polyester

Polyester is a synthetic fiber that comes from petroleum. This material is omnipresent in the fashion industry. In order to do without it as much as possible, BY JO has selected recycled polyester when a more ecological alternative without synthetic fiber does not yet exist.

Recycled polyester is used to iron-on certain parts of our suits, such as the collar or the bottom of the sleeves. 

Traditional interlining by hand (in wool and horsehair) to completely avoid iron-on is possible but for our young brand this represents a very long and difficult process to set up. We hope to develop a 100% plant-based interlining for our future collections, as materials of animal origin are prohibited at BY JO.

Our sewing thread is made of polyester. We are looking for a more ecological alternative.

The BY JO suit, urban and colorful

An ecological textile printing

BY JO works with the VET-E-MAGES workshop founded by Alexandre Fruchart, Meilleur Ouvrier de France in textile printing. Via an ecological industrial printing process, it meticulously transcribes on our fabrics the work of the artists we collaborate with. This process is a “living” process: depending on the amount of ink used on our fabrics, the feel may vary slightly from one part of the pattern to another. The inks are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.

Cupro print
Linen print
validation of prototypes at the wecameca workshop

A French confection

BY JO jackets and pants are made in Lyon.

The Wecameca workshop accompanies us to develop the patterns, make the prototypes and validate the range of sizes through different fittings.

The production is then carried out either in the workshop Wecameca or with two talented Lyon seamstresses, Marie and Jennifer. This allows us to produce on demand and guarantee an impeccable finished product.