The Brand

A free spirit, a search for meaning, a desire for modernity.

The designers, Julie and Orlane

Long standing friends Julie and Orlane who met during their studies, decided to pool their knowledge and experience of the textile and luxury industry into a new concept with the creation of their brand BY JO, acronym of their two first names.

Both are driven by the desire to outdo themselves and develop a project to their image, filled with purpose. Wanting to combine two universes, fashion, and urban art, they collaborate with artists to jointly create collections presenting singular, surprising and colourful pieces

They want to break the codes and change the rules in use in the fashion industry through powerful visuals while maintaining an ethical dimension. 

In order to match the creation process with Julie and Orlane’s values and in line with current social and environmental issues, the pieces in the collection are produced with ethical guidelines and eco-responsibility.

Welcome to the BY JO universe.

The brand's commitments

A Regular collaboration with artists

At a time when culture is relegated to the background, it seems important for us to work with artists in order to promote their work which brings an original touch to our pieces.

A French and reasoned production

BY JO products are made in workshops with irreproachable know-how, ensuring the highest quality.

The use of natural and innovative materials

The raw materials and all the supplies that make up the products are chosen according to their quality, their properties and their low ecological footprint. The emphasis is on natural materials combining style, comfort and sustainability.

Committed & certified partners

A selection of partners sharing BY JO's values, and if possible certified