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BY JO, a committed luxury brand

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A Regular collaboration with artists

At a time when culture is relegated to the background, it seems important to us to work with artists in order to promote their work, which brings an original touch to our pieces.

To guarantee ethical collaboration, we buy the work of each artist and we give them a percentage of each sale of one of our pieces. We hope to allow artists to earn a regular commission for the duration of each collection.

A French and reasoned production

BY JO products are made in workshops with impeccable know-how, which ensures them the best quality. French manufacturing is one of the pillars of BY JO and we hope to support textile know-how, or even relocate lost know-how. 

To produce consciously, we launch our collections via pre-orders. This makes it possible to manufacture as leanly as possible and avoid the overproduction that is unfortunately common in the textile sector. This increases the time it takes to make and receive the pieces, but it makes more sense for us. We produce a mini collection to present BY JO products in the store The Romarin Workshops.

The use of natural and innovative materials

The raw materials and all supplies making up the products are chosen according to their quality, their properties and their low ecological footprint. The emphasis is on natural materials of plant origin combining style, comfort and durability.

This product selection and development process is the most time-consuming part. We push the eco-responsibility cursor as far as possible by thinking about all the materials that will make up the different parts of our product. For the development of our suits, we thought about the “hidden” parts, generally neglected by brands, even those that claim to be ethical, since these parts will not be present on the clothing labels: the shoulder pads, the interlining and the different reinforcements, the zipper, the sewing thread… These supplies are regularly or even systematically made from polyester.

We detail the materials selected by BY JO just below.

Committed, certified or labeled partners

In order to guarantee our ethical and eco-responsible manufacturing approach, we select partners sharing BY JO values, and if possible labeled or certified.

Our natural materials


This material has many qualities. A symbol of elegance, linen fabric is resistant, absorbent, and sustainable. As a thermoregulator, it is ideal all year round. In summer, it is comfortable to wear and brings freshness. In winter, it retains heat. The cultivation of linen is respectful of nature as it requires very little water and no pesticides. It grows locally, mainly in the north of France and in Belgium.

It is used to make our jackets and pants and our bi-material accessories. We use certified linen Master of Linen.

Organic cotton

Cotton combines comfort, flexibility and softness. He is grown without pesticides, insecticides or chemical fertilizers which are toxic to living things and pollute the environment. Its culture is therefore more ethical and more environmentally friendly than its conventionally grown counterpart.

It was selected to make the shoulder pads, which are usually made of polyester. BY JO shoulder pads are custom-made in 100% organic cotton: sewing thread, wadding and outer fabric. We use certified cotton GOTS.

Olive wood

Renowned for its durability and robustness, olive wood, cultivated in Italy, was chosen for the buttons.

The color of the wood and the veins being specific to each tree, each button is unique and is engraved with the brand logo.

Our innovative materials

Eco Vero viscose

Made from wood cellulose, this soft, silky and shiny material constitutes a perfect ethical alternative to silk. Cellulose comes from sustainably managed, certified forests FSC.

Viscose is used for tailors' linings and accessoiries.


Made from cellulose from cotton waste, this soft, fluid and satiny material also constitutes a perfect ethical alternative to silk. It is manufactured in a closed circuit thus ensuring a clean and controlled process.

Cupro is used for linings of printed suits. He is certified RCS.

Recycled polyester

Polyester is a synthetic fiber that comes from petroleum. This material is omnipresent in the fashion industry. In order to do without it as much as possible, BY JO has selected recycled polyester when a more ecological alternative without synthetic fiber does not yet exist.

Recycled polyester is used to iron-on certain parts of our suits, such as the collar or the bottom of the sleeves. 

Traditional interlining by hand (in wool and horsehair) to completely avoid iron-on is possible but for our young brand this represents a very long and difficult process to set up. We hope to develop a 100% plant-based interlining for our future collections, as materials of animal origin are prohibited at BY JO.

Our sewing thread is made of polyester. We are looking for a more ecological alternative.

An ecological textile printing

BY JO works with  Meilleur Ouvrier de France in textile printing. Via an ecological industrial printing process, it meticulously transcribes on our fabrics the work of the artists we collaborate with. This process is a “living” process: depending on the amount of ink used on our fabrics, the feel may vary slightly from one part of the pattern to another. The inks are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.

This stage is carried out in Saint Etienne sur Chalaronne, in Ain.

Cupro print
Linen print
Visit to the Boivin workshop

A French confection

BY JO is currently working with 2 French workshops to manufacture all the pieces in the Saxifrages collection:

> The workshop Maisonmabille, located in the heart of Lyon, makeses suit jackets and pants.

The workshop supports us in developing the patterns, making the prototypes, validating the range of sizes through different fittings and finally launching production.


> The workshop Bovine, located in the heart of Paris, makes all our accessories.

This century-old workshop specializes in making silk accessories and was therefore ideally suited to making BY JO accessories in order to offer customers delicate products with meticulous finishing touches.


French tailoring is one of the pillars of the BY JO brand because it provides numerous guarantees dear to the founders: the preservation of French know-how, good working conditions, a production line with a minimum of journeys and impeccable quality.

The BY JO team regularly visits the workshops.

BY JO, a committed luxury brand

The founders, Julie and Orlane

After several years of experience in the textile and luxury sectors, two long-time friends decided to do creation of their brand BY JO, acronym of their two first names.

Both are driven by the desire to surpass themselves and develop a project that makes sense and that resembles them: creating a responsible luxury brand.

They want to break the codes and change the rules used in the fashion world through impactful visuals and conscious and sustainable production.

The concept

Determined to offer a unique universe, they decided to combine fashion and urban art. They therefore call on artists to create collections with them presenting surprising, creative and colorful pieces

Furthermore, to undertake with full conscience and in line with current social and environmental issues, the pieces in the collection are entirely ethical and eco-responsible and are made in France.

Welcome to the BY JO universe.

Our first collection: Saxifrages

A collection that breaks the codes, to free itself from the established order

We named our first collection Saxifrages in homage to these small herbaceous plants which, thanks to a stunning characterisric and despite a hostile environment, mock the rigid, surprise the flaw and thus manage to impose their existence on the densest materials.

They brighten up walls, sidewalks and terraces with their colors and spread optimism to passers-by who wonder how they managed to settled a home in such small gaps!

Tenacious and free from any attachment to the ground, they thrive and reproduce against all odds. They undermine the established system.

The symbolism is clear : whatever the constraints, we must spot the breaches and initiate a change in the norms and rules to create more coloured, exuberant, and joyful ones. Let’s be ground breakers, let’s find the cracks to make a new order flourish.

Let's become stone drills or concrete breakers, find the cracks to let a new order bloom IMPERCEPTIBLY.

Let's be Saxifrages