The Saxifrages collection

A collection that breaks the codes, to free itself from the established order.

We named our first collection Saxifrages in homage to these small herbaceous plants which, thanks to a stunning characterisric and despite a hostile environment, mock the rigid, surprise the flaw and thus manage to impose their existence on the densest materials.

They brighten up walls, sidewalks and terraces with their colors and spread optimism to passers-by who wonder how they managed to settled a home in such small gaps!

Tenacious and free from any attachment to the ground, they thrive and reproduce against all odds. They undermine the established system.

The symbolism is clear : whatever the constraints, we must spot the breaches and initiate a change in the norms and rules to create more coloured, exuberant, and joyful ones. Let’s be ground breakers, let’s find the cracks to make a new order flourish.

Let's become stone drills or concrete breakers, find the cracks to let a new order bloom IMPERCEPTIBLY.

Let's beCOME saxifrageS