Singular artists with unique styles, striking visuals, and work that blends art and fashion.


Combining graphics and urban art, Quetzilla has paid particular attention to the representation of movement in painting since 2015. Mixing figuration and abstraction, the aesthetic, primarily intuitive experience, invites the viewers to introspection and to question their interactions with the environment and their relationship to nature.

Adaptation or domination, the fight for our future solely depends on our actions.

His work essentially explores faces. By breaking down his subjects, the artist adds rhythm to his compositions with psychedelic movements using the repetition and superposition of shapes.

From his palette, each color results from another and plays with transparency. The whole confronts complexity and simplicity. Like the mirror of biodiversity.

Mynah comes from the diminutive of her first name, Marina and the name of a small Asian starling with brown feathers, the Mynah. This nickname quickly stuck to her skin and perfectly reflects her lunar, dreamy attitude as proven by her school reports ... and the hours she spent observing birds in peace ... Today, her philosophy is to try to convey this sweet feeling and offer a moment suspended in a real or dreamy world that invites us to contemplation.

She seeks to undress the body to adorn it with a soft melancholy, a soothing filter, a break, far from our daily life which can be uncompromising.

Inspiration comes to her most often from songs, books, poems, film shots, or images seen here and there but especially from Instagram she admits, a bible she sometimes adores or hates. Then she lets "the hand that thinks" trace the fluid and feminine curves which are liberated little by little from their proportions and perspectives and whose calm and voluptuousness inspire her. Her wish when she draws is to succeed in conveying these feelings and to tend towards appeasement. The testimonies in this direction are her most beautiful reward.


Léna Macka is a French illustrator and tattoo artist based in Lyon, France. In 2014, she joined a school of applied arts and built a dreamlike universe.

This is how her character Pure was born. This naked little man with no identity corresponds to everyone.

It embodies simplicity and sensitivity. His closed eyes invite the audience to make their own interpretation. The delicacy of his features gives a poetic and childish note to the illustrations. She offers introspective works, staging her questions - a real social therapy through art.

In 2017, Léna Macka started a new activity, tattooing. After starting at the Biribi fair in Lyon, she opened her own studio in October 2020, Macka Studio, located at 26 rue Lanterne in the Ist arrondissement of Lyon.

By Jean-Baptiste Bourgeois.